Kamome Children's Chorus: A Song Singing Toward the Sea LP

Studio Ghibli


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Kamome Children's Chorus' ''Mangetu no Yube' and other famous songs are included in their fourth album 'Singing to the Sea' newly released on a two-disc LP! A must-listen for little Japanese anime fans, the selection of songs were pulled right from the 70s and 80s and brought to life by the Kamome Children's Chorus. What's more, the album includes several original songs that range from melodic to pure pop!

  • 2 records
  • Black vinyl pressing
  • 12.65" x 12.51" x 0.23"

Track List:

1. Eju Rider (Original Song: Tamio Okuda)
2. Passionate Rose (Original Song: The Blue Hearts)
3. Kakkoii Jumper (Original Song: Denki Groove)
4. Sand Woman (Original Song: Shigeru Suzuki)
5. Jajauma Musume (Original Song: Taeko Ohnuki)
6. One Day We Found Something Delicious (Original Song: Masato Tomobe)
7. New Friend (Original Song: Soggy Cheerios)
8. Submarine (Original Song: Yuransen)
9. The Most Important Person in the World (Original Song)
10. Why Are You So Sad (Original Song: Takuro Yoshida)
11. Mangetu No Yube (Original Song: Soul Flower Union)
12. Song to Sing to the Sea (Original Song)